Tax free shopping in Japan

the Japan Rail Pass allows unlimited travel on JR trains

Consumption tax in Japan, known in other countries as VAT, GST or sales tax, is a flat 8% on all items. Tax free, or duty free as it is sometimes called, means you will not need to pay the 8% consumtion tax on eligible products. Either letting you just pay the reduced price directly at the counter or first pay the full price and then obtain a refund at a customer service desk.

Who can shop tax free?

Tax free shopping is available to foreign tourists staying with a temporary tourist visa only. Foreigners working in Japan or staying longer than 6 months are not eligible for tax-free shopping. A passport is required when shopping tax free.

Where can I shop tax free?

Tax free shopping is restricted to only a small number of licensed stores (typically major electronics and department stores in large cities) when making purchases of over 10,000 yen at a given store on one calendar day. In case of consumable goods, such as foods, medicines and cosmetics, the consumption tax is waived for purchases of over 5000 yen, but the package of such goods must be kept unbroken until after departure from Japan.

Be aware that any items you purchase in Japan may be subject to import duties in your home country. Also be aware of the differences in operating voltages, language settings and other standards that may exist in goods bought in Japan.

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