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Kakigori - Stay cool during summer in Japan

Japanese Shaved Ice - Kakigori

Kakigori (かき氷) is a traditional Japanese flavored shaved ice dessert with over 100 years history. It is said that it was first created at the royal courts as an cooling dessert for the nobles in the hot summers. Nowadays Kakigori can be found most everywhere in Japan during summer as a cheap and refreshing dessert.

Traditionally Kakigori was only found during the hot summer months at coffee shops, restaurants, summer festivals and street vendors. But with recent years popularity even specialist stores popping up that serves Kakigori all year-round.

resturant offering kakigori

Restaurants and stores serving Kakigori is easily spotted by this designated Kakigori-mark flag.

food stall selling kakigori at a Japanese summer festival

Kakigori food stall at a Japanese summer festival.

tasty looking kakigori