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Buying batteries in Japan

Japanese batteries

Where to buy

The most common type batteries can be found most anywhere in Japan. With electronic stores being an obvious place, you are also sure to find batteries at convenient stores, supermarkets, 100-Yen shops and even some very old vending machines.

old Japanese battery vending machine

Old Japanese battery vending machine

Japanese battery sizes

While you may be familiar with the common AA or AAA naming scheme used in US and most of Europe, in Japan batteries are instead ranked by the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) system. So while the same types of batteries you know are all also available in Japan, they are named differently. So instead of increasing alphabetical characters batteries in Japan are ordered by number, with a higher number indicating a smaller battery. The easiest way to find your corresponding Japanese battery name is by looking at the table below.

BatteryEnglish nameJapanese name
Japanese AAA batteryAAA単4 (tan 4)
Japanese AA batteryAA単3 (tan 3)
Japanese C batteryC単2 (tan 2)
Japanese D batteryD単1 (tan 1)
Japanese 9 Volt battery9-Volt9V