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Tokyo Bay boat fishing

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For over 300 years, boat fishing has been taking place at the Tokyo Bay fishing grounds with their plentiful source of fish. The Japanese sea perch, sea bream, and flounder are the most representative among the types found here. And seafood caught in the Tokyo Bay is called "Edomae" seafood, and is immensely prized as a raw material for sushi and sashimi. The yellowfin goby is one of the most representative fish of the Edomae class. When the autumn season arrives, recreational fishing boats from various areas in the metropolitan area set out to catch this fish, and many fishers also enjoy fishing from the banks. Incidentally, though the yellowfin goby is usually cooked as tempura, large yellowfin gobies are delicious as raw sashimi, and it is also used in the famous Tokyo dish tsukudani.

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Tokyo Bay Recreational Fishing Boat Cooperative (translated through google translate)