Hiroshima 広島

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima Prefecture is located in the Chugoku Region along the Seto Inland Sea. The prefectural capital is Hiroshima City with a population of around 1,190,000 people.

Things to see in Hiroshima

Some of the most visited sightseeing spots in Hiroshima.

  1. Peace Memorial Park

    Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City

    Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park is one of the most prominent features of the city. Even visitors not looking for it will likely stumble upon the large park of over 120,000 square meters. Its trees, lawns, and walking paths are in stark contrast to the surrounding downtown area.

    A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima's Peace Park

    The A-Bomb Dome, also known as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, is what remains of the former Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. The building served as a location to promote Hiroshima's industries. When the bomb exploded, it was one of the few buildings to remain standing, and remains so today. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the A-Bomb Dome is a tangible link to Hiroshima's unique past.

    How to get there

    From Hiroshima Station, take tram line 2 or 6 to Genbaku-Domu Mae Station. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

  2. Miyajima

    Toori Gate at Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture

    Miyajima is a small island less than an hour outside the city of Hiroshima. It is most famous for its giant torii gate, which at high tide seems to float on the water. The sight is ranked as one of Japan's three best views. While officially named Itsukushima, the island is more commonly referred to as Miyajima, Japanese for "shrine island". This is because the island is so closely related to its key shrine, Itsukushima Shrine, in the public's mind. Like the torii gate, the shrine's main buildings are built over water.

    Miyajima is a romantic place, best enjoyed by staying overnight at one of the island's ryokan. While there are usually many day tourists, in the evening the area becomes much quieter and more peaceful. There are also wild deer on the island that have become accustomed to people. In the day the deer wander around the same sites as the tourists, and in the evening they sleep along the walking paths.

    Shrine at Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture

    How to get there

    To reach the ferry port from Hiroshima Station, take the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi Station for a 25 minutes ride. Or take tram line number 2 from central Hiroshima bound for Miyajimaguchi. The tram is slower but cheaper.